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Unlock the potential of your business!

There’s more to managing a company than day-to-day operations, yet many business leaders busy themselves in dealing with solving operational problems and don’t spend enough time looking at the bigger picture. And while they know the business has potential, they can’t seem to break through to the next level.

With a wealth of advisory experience across multiple industry sectors, McInerney Saunders can assist you and your team to focus on the short-term and medium-term strategies that will determine your future success.

Our Advisory Services include the following aspects of your business:

Company Growth by Acquisition

As businesses organically grow they review the possibility of both Irish and international acquisitions. We can assist companies in all aspects of the process – be it a small transaction or a large integration project.

Where do we come in?

Assist in creation of the initial Strategic Plan, identifying possible target entities, oversee the completion of the Valuation and Due Diligence on target company, negotiation support and advices and assist management in post merger to ensure smooth transition.

Why use us ?

Our wide network of both clients and contacts means we can not only assist you in identified acquisitions, but also suggest synergies and other mergers which may support your growth.

We have assisted clients with all aspects of the deal from initial introductory meetings to finalising the deal through arranging contact with the relevant parties to source premises and office fit-out! Our goal is to support your growth and ensure you are focused on making the opportunity as profitable as possible!

Business Valuation

There are many reasons for requesting a business valuation from dispute resolution, succession planning to buyouts or restructuring. The completion of a full valuation report ensures you enter any negotiations with clear minimum pricings in mind.

After 30 years in business we have seen every request so for an efficient and professional response to your query, please call one of our team.

Financing and Exit Strategies


We advise clients who wish to raise funds or financially restructure at any stage of the business life cycle. The level of assistance here for firms can vary from a quick review of their business plan to creation of a cashflow model, financial projections and agreed financial monitoring programs in accordance with the financiers’ requirements.

From years working on both corporate finance and insolvency projects we have developed a strong contact network of private equity firms, angel investors, corporate and business banking contacts, and a wide ranging client base actively looking for projects in which to invest.


There are many reasons people seek to dispose of their businesses but irrespective of the reason the maximisation of value is key. Preparing an asset for disposal is vital to ensure that there are no unnecessary delays once an agreement is reached and there is no risk of a diminution in value due to missing data.

Where do we come in?

Initial review of asset, complete estimated valuation, create information packs, identify areas of concern and assess whether to resolve pre sale, review offers and their viability, manage data collection and confidentiality with proposed purchasers, assist in negotiations and contract completion and assist in exit from business in an agreed timeframe.

Business Coaching

What is Business Coaching and who should use it?

The short answer is that it is a helping hand to every and any business.

Samples of Areas we have assisted on:

  • Sales Stagnation and how to identify reasons for same
  • Developing your Strategic Plan – 1, 2 and 5 year
  • Taking over a Family Business – how to establish yourself within the business
  • Removing obstacles to growth
  • Continuity Planning with Key Persons

 Challenge Your Understanding of Your Own Business!

If you don’t know what your key opportunities are for increased growth and profit over the coming twelve months, then you’re unlikely to benefit from those opportunities. By taking just ten minutes to complete our Growth & Profit Diagnostics below, you can achieve real clarity as to:

1. Your Top 3 Business Growth and Profit Issues
2. Your Top 3 Personal Development barriers
3. Winning strategies to get you from where you are NOW to where YOU WANT TO BE against each key issue.

After completing the process, you will be emailed a report summarising the outcomes.

Start the GPS Diagnostic

Change Success Diagnostic

Discover your potential for change success in under 5 minutes.

Research tells us that the probability of change success in whatever project or initiative you undertake is as low as 30% which means there is a 70% probability you will fail. This is because most business people adopt a ‘trial and error’ approach to change which comes with a very high cost in terms of lost time, reduced confidence, wasted money and poor utilization of resources.

After completing the process, you will be emailed a report summarising the outcomes.

Start the Change Success Diagnostic

And when you’ve had time to absorb our findings, we suggest that you then discuss these results with our senior partners, Neal Morrison or Gerry McInerney, so they can assist you in addressing the outcomes over the coming months.

Forensic Investigations

Fraud within an organisation is one of the most challenging and distressing issues you will ever face. And when it comes to investigating a suspected fraud, or putting anti-fraud systems in place, you need a thorough and efficient investigation that will uncover the information you need, while causing minimum disruption to your business.

Litigation and other disputes also have the potential to derail your business, and it’s not only the threat of an unsuccessful outcome that hangs in the balance. Countless hours are often required in extracting evidence from complex financial records. Unraveling the information you need and presenting a reasoned, substantiated case takes time and expertise, as well as clear, objective advice.

McInerney Saunders offer access to a dedicated Forensic Accounting team with the expertise and experience necessary to deliver a high quality, un-intrusive and confidential service. Whether you require a comprehensive investigation with a detailed report or simply an unbiased expert opinion, we’re your first port of call.

Our forensic services are also invaluable in matters of due diligence – before any major transaction is conducted. Having a full understanding of the operations of a target company is an essential prerequisite before doing business.

Our partner in charge of Forensic Accounting is Donagh Waters, a Chartered Accountant who also holds a Diploma in Forensic Accounting from Chartered Accountants Ireland and has undertaken significant attestation work over many years.

The Forensic Accounting services we offer are often required in support of:

Financial Investigations into or arising from:

  • Fraud
  • Conduct of directors or other staff
  • Conflicts of interest

Litigation Support in cases of:

  • Breach of contract & consequential loss
  • Business & shareholder disputes
  • Professional negligence
  • Personal injury & consequential loss
  • Divorce & separation proceedings

Systems & Procedures Evaluation and Review

  • Fraud awareness & prevention
  • Internal controls

Get in touch Today on +353 (1) 8404029.

Get in touch Today on +353 (1) 8404029.

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To discuss any aspect of our work or to obtain a quote for your case please do not hesitate to contact us on +353 (1) 8404029.


Over the years McInerney Saunders have worked with us to develop their service in line with our IT developments leading to the most cost effective and efficient service to our staff whilst still maintaining the personal contact for resolving their payroll queries. They provide a dedicated account manager who is always available to answer staff or management queries.

Jackie Freeman

Finance Director, Pizza Express

The knowledge of the freight and logistics industry shown by the staff of McInerney Saunders has been a fundamental cornerstone to our growth. In these challenging times, we know McInerney Saunders are there for us and their staff are always on hand to provide prompt and excellent support in all areas of accounting issues. McInerney Saunders are, quite simply, experts in their field.

Carol Wilkinson

Finance Director, Curtis & Lees Limited