While most businesses embrace technology within their operations, many fail to maximise the savings it offers. We have been working with multiple businesses – state bodies to retailers, distribution companies to professional services – in order to maximise their sales, efficiencies and thereby profits through IT. Areas to look at:

  • On-line servers allowing staff access to the system from any location reducing office space demand and providing flexibility around working hours to staff.
  • Accounting online – there are numerous on-line accounting programmes which integrates bank, sales invoicing, payroll, timesheets, etc. These can be developed specifically for your business to improve reporting timelines, relevancy of the data and reduce costs around administration.
  • Payroll – the majority of businesses now outsource their payroll to service providers reducing the administration time, risk of non-compliance and improving security around  payslips distribution. This is done through numerous technology offerings which reduce risk and data protection issues surrounding pay.
  • Online integrated till and stock systems which will give real-time information on sales, stock level replenishment, etc. This allows businesses to react quickly to customer demands, identify stock requirements and reduce wastage.

We have overseen a number of these projects in the past few years or we can put you in touch with relevant suppliers. Please do not hesitate to contact Ruth Brereton at rbrereton@mcinerneysaunders.ie for further information.

Ruth Brereton