Letter from Volunteer Pennie McGonagle post trip:

“I really cannot thank McInerney Saunders enough for such a generous contribution towards my trip to Honduras with Global Brigades. Throughout the ten 10 brigade I was able to participate in a Water Brigade and a Public Health Brigade.

During the Water Brigade we completed the implementation of a system which now provides clean drinking water to approximately three hundred people in the community of El Ocote. We were also lucky enough to be there the day the water system was turned on. We were able to turn on the taps of the sixty seven houses for the first time and celebrate with the community.

During the Public Health Brigade we helped two large families in the community of Choluteca by improving in-home infrastructural development. For each family we constructed a hygiene station; toilet, shower and water storage unit, and an eco-stove. We also provided them with concrete floors in their homes. 1410764_4963988275671_7363359879690039992_o

This experience gave me the opportunity to make a definite impact to improve water access and quality and infrastructure in under-resourced areas while getting hands-on experience in the field of global health and sustainable development. “


For more information see https://www.globalbrigades.org/experience-brigades