It’s generally a question that’s asked when two golfers get talking about the passionate pursuit that they share – golf!

The answer provides an indication of the respondent’s relative skill at the game, it may be an indication of how seriously he/she takes the game – how committed he/she is to improvement. 

Many average skilled golfers spend time hitting balls in practice, mainly at the driving range trying to perfect the drive, to hit a long penetrating shot that sends the ball straight down the middle – a shot that will give them great satisfaction. They will invest heavily in getting the latest and best driver and will often have other great equipment.

But in a typical round an average golfer playing to a handicap of 18 on a standard course will hit 90 shots of which only 14 (15.55%) will be drives. So what about the other 84.45% of shots? What work do they do to reduce the number of shots they take to get the ball into the hole?

Those who are serious about improving their game take lessons, they work on those parts of their game that will yield the best rewards, they practise putting, chipping and pitching and shots within 100 yards of the hole. They set short-term, intermediate and long-term goals and objectives and measure their progress towards their objectives. They are also careful about what thoughts they allow to inhabit their consciousness. They do this to programme their sub-conscious to expect performance consistent with their improved abilities and to eliminate self-doubt

What’s your handicap in your business?

There is no formula that rates each business owner/manager against a set of common standards. So where is the feedback? Some will say it’s reflected in the bottom line profitability, in the bank balance/overdraft, in the time available for the important things in life or perhaps in the level of stress/distress that manifests itself in the person’s behaviour.

Are you working on your business or in your business?

Where are you spending your time?

On what are you working? – are you on the right track?

What are your priorities?

To whom are you reporting progress?

Can you see light?

Do you need to see the Pro?