At a lunch held by the Ireland India Business Association on the 10th of December in the Weston Hotel, the Indian Ambassador to Ireland, Mr P.S. Raghavan, spoke of the significant increase in the activities of the association and of its increased membership that now stands at 150.

He stated that this is largely due to the greater awareness in Ireland of India in terms of the opportunity to do business with a market that is over one billion people in size, growing annually at a rate equivalent to the population of Australia, is English speaking and operates a legal system that is broadly similar to that of Ireland.

Gerry McInerney, managing partner at McInerney Saunders, just returned from India, mentioned that his firm is actively involved in providing practical and professional assistance to foreign inward investors from India and elsewhere when setting up business in Ireland.

As part of the firm’s membership of IAPA International and UK 200 Group of Chartered Accountants the firm has close relationships with firms throughout the world and actively promotes Ireland as a base for businesses seeking to avail of Ireland’s skilled, industrious and entrepreneurial workforce, the benefits of the attractive 12.5% rate of Corporation Tax, the relative ease of establishing a business in Ireland and easy access to the European market.

Gerry McInerney welcomed the government’s recent decision, announced in the budget, to lower the rate of airport charges as a means of attracting greater leisure tourism to Ireland. Gerry had argued for this at a recent conference focussed upon the golf industry in Ireland.

McInerney Saunders, offers full advisory, support and compliance services to both domestic and foreign owned businesses. This includes setting up the business structure, bookkeeping/ payroll and supplier payment, management reporting and annual financial statements/audit with full taxation and Companies Registration Office filing of returns.