Gerry McInerney, managing partner at McInerney Saunders, a member firm of IAPA International, addressed its annual conference in Agra, India in his capacity as Chairman of the Membership Committee that has responsibility for reviewing the quality standards of applicant firms.

As independent firms, each firm has responsibility to have an awareness of risk and employ risk management techniques and have appropriate internal quality control systems designed to meet these risks. IAPA is acutely aware of the distinction between international associations of independent firms and ‘Networks’ and member firms are extremely conscious that they are members of the former type organisation and are responsible for their own quality control standards.

Notwithstanding this members have voted to adopt new internal regulations for the association that deal with criteria for the admission of new members and retention of membership for existing members. This will enable members to refer their clients who are transacting globally to other members in the belief that they will get the same high standards of service and professionalism.

IAPA International offers support visits to member firms in the form of an external review and in this way the association believes it can influence its members to adopt best practice in the areas of quality control and risk management appropriate to the size of the firm and the services it offers and in that way members can draw comfort that their clients are being referred to other like minded independent member firms.

At the annual conference Gerry was appointed to serve on the board of IAPA International.

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